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Job Opportunities

Job description of iPACT coordinator, responsibilities:

  • Software skills (e.g. excel, publisher, etc)

  • Social media

  • Good oral and written communication skills in English

  • Project management experience (e.g. MBA)

  • Be able to review and advise on scientific publications and content of projects

  • Prior experience with anticoagulation management is an advantage

  • No conflict of interests

  • Is able to work flexibly in order to be responsive to requests


  • Governance written down. This includes being able to deliver and make available to members the following documents: project proposal (including detailed plan with deliverables and budget, timeline and payment plan upon delivery).

  • Liaise with Lampyon so that all documents produced are copyrighted and archived

  • Review the constitution and update.

  • Produce a year plan by September each year. This includes budget plan to be agreed with sponsors and liaise also with the treasurer.

  • Produce a year report by March each year. Liaise also with the treasurer.

  • Report back to all applicants within the time frame defined by the board

  • Prepare and report of the board meetings

  • Provide support to any symposia or activities iPACT may wish to develop

  • Regularly contact all subgroups to ensure their work is evolving.

  • Maintain up-to-date contacts of members.

  • Develop a draft year report before the meeting of the board to happen around February/March for the board to approve and complement and then finalize it before the end of March to be sent to all members and sponsors

  • Develop the layout of a draft annual plan of activities before the meeting of the board to happen in September for the board to discuss during the meeting. After this meeting, the coordinator has the duty to finalize it before the end of October.

The person should be available 5 hours per week. The hourly fee is 60 €. The person will have an interim review at 3 months.

To apply for this position, please send us your cover letter and resume to

Deadline for applications is 01/02.