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The abstract of the iPACT guideline is ready

An interprofessional guideline to support patients receiving oral anticoagulation therapy was developed by iPACT and 18 main recommendations were included in this guideline. They provide the base for optimization of anticoagulation care across different countries and healthcare systems.

Oral anticoagulation therapy (OAT) has a beneficial effect on patients’ long-term survival and the prevention of thrombotic events. However, the use of these medications is not without risk as decreasing the clotting of the blood automatically increases the risk for bleeding. To maximize the effects and minimize the risks of therapy, guidance on appropriate management of patients receiving oral anticoagulation is essential. International guidelines for the realization of each different aspect of VKA- or NOAC-use are widely available.

However, recommendations on the broader spectrum of pharmaceutical anticoagulation care are largely lacking. Hence, the aim of the current study was to develop an Interprofessional guideline to support Patients receiving oral AntiCoagulation Therapy (IPACT).

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iPact Oslo kort from Robin Van Nuffel (Memory Lane) on Vimeo.

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