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In Memory of Our Friend and Colleague, Foppe Van Mil

It is with sad news to report that Foppe Van Mil passed away recently.

Many members will remember that Foppe was part of the original iPACT membership back in early 2015.  His experience and knowledge helped set the direction of iPACT and ensure in particular the governance was in place as part of his role as professional secretary.  More importantly, he was a source of immense knowledge and experience with a vast network that supported our steps in collaborating internationally with the aim of improving patient care and in particular, pharmaceutical care which was extremely close to his heart.

Many will know Foppe as the Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy (IJCP). Certainly, working closely with Foppe meant the opportunity to link in and increase my (and I know many others) understanding and possibilities with clinical pharmacy research. 

I hope he would be pleased to see how the network of iPACT expanded and translated its outputs into publication, many of which in his own journal. One thing I do remember from many an evening spent around the bar at a conference, was his viewpoint of what the opportunity iPACT had in being unique, which was the opportunity to think outside the traditional pharmacy box and ensure the work we did impact had impact on our non-pharmacy colleagues and raise the profile further with inter-professional collaboration. 

Personally, that had always stayed in my mind to ensure as a network, we not only demonstrate the value amongst our own profession but also amongst our colleagues that we work closely with day in and day out. Hopefully, we have gone some way in delivering what Foppe mentioned those many years ago and continue to do so as a contribution to preserve his legacy.

Sotiris Antoniou
On behalf of the iPACT Board

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